Top Tips & Golden Guidelines

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - by Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - by Marie Kondo

In the first of a series of posts, I am hoping to share some thoughts, insights and ares of inspiration with you all.

Many of these are based on how I manage myself, my office and most importantly, my home - just some tips and ideas to keep things fresh and visually stimulating, rather than letting your environment begin to seem a tad dull and “same old, same old…”.

So, to kick off, here is a list of my Top Tips and Golden Guidelines for you to try out.

Hope you find them useful!

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  • Put an ice cube in an orchid pot to water it

  • Buy 10-hour tea lights for long-lasting atmosphere

  • Buy wax catchers for candlesticks to avoid drips on the table

  • Don’t use a fabric softener with stained items - it will make them impossible to get out

  • Put your candles in the freezer the morning of your dinner party to make them burn slower

  • Buy garlic, onions and herbs chopped and frozen to save on time and wastage

  • Chop and freeze lemons and limes on a baking sheet for evening drinks

  • Sprinkle baking soda where there are ladybirds as a deterrent

  • Bemz - suppliers of covers for all Ikea sofas and chairs

  • Make lovely fresh teas from rose, geranium and verbena

  • Put your duvet and sheet and pillowcases into one pillowcase and put it straight back in the airing cupboard so it is easy to find

  • Put your soap in the freezer so that it lasts longer

  • Floss Lighting or Lightbulbs direct for good bulbs

  • Don’t put dairy, egg or stainless steel next to silver - it tarnishes it

  • The Art of Tidying (Amazon) is a book full of top tips

  • Vinegar is great for so many things, but check on the internet as not good on marble!

  • Take photos on your phone of kids artwork and store on a disk for their special box

  • Use soap dishes in a spare room for guests’ jewellery

  • Wellies and flip flops are so bad for your back


  • No dark corners

  • Use good, warm lightbulbs

  • Keep everything accessible

  • Put way seasonal items - clean and protected

  • Keep on top of snagging and maintenance

  • No bare bulbs

  • Keep moving things around

  • Clean the windows as often as you can especially before the sun starts shining!

  • Enjoy the seasons and the holidays - let it show in your home