We offer a broad range of client services, from simple consultancy on how to rearrange and enhance your existing home or office, to full renovations.

The services listed below are all treated with the same conviction and professionalism, no matter the scale of the job required.

Please browse the range of services below:

The ‘Quick Fix’

This is the entry level option, where we will come to your home and/or office, discuss options available for rearranging and enhancing your existing environment, and then execute the agreed vision.

This is charged at an hourly rate to ensure that you are in control of your budget, but please note that there is a minimum requirement of 3-hours.

The ‘Face Lift’

A more substantial service, the ‘Face Lift’ involves a detailed initial discussion (by phone or face-to-face) to understand the goals of the project.

From this point we put together a project brief, indicating proposed changes, along with a ‘Look Book’ to ascertain a more exact profile of your requirements.

One final draft proposal is then prepared for ‘Sign Off’ before the work is put into motion…